About the Band

The Novi Giants began as a collaborative writing project between Harrison (Soso) Songolo and Jeana Marie upon meeting in late November of 2013. A full band was always the end goal and the two quickly began searching for the remaining members to complete the ensemble. After harmoniously meeting Jeff Castelli, and John Patrick the group got to work completing a full set of original music.

The group fully formed in the winter of 2014 and developed a unique genre fusing sound by drawing on the various musical backgrounds and tastes of the members. The Novi Giants performed frequently in many venues across the Rhode Island area and further developed their sound with each performance.

In the course of that year they’ve recorded at New England Tech and Triad Recording complex, released a music video “Need That” with Amped Sounds, were featured in The Rhode Show’s Big Break Contest, competed in WBRU’s Rock Hunt Wildcard Round, and competed in StrangeCreek’s Battle of the Bands.

In 2015 the group said good bye to Jeana and Jeff as they split off to form Great Gale. Harrison and John Patrick continued on and performed with various members of the Rhode Island music community. During this time they produced independent recordings and music videos for Satisfaction, Still Here, and Another.

In 2016 the Novi Giants were joined by guitarist Owen Costello and percussionist Joel Moran and recorded both new and old tracks at New England Tech’s studio which will be released soon!

The Novi Giants can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with recordings on Bandcamp, Reverbnation, and SoundCloud.


New Acustic Album